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My Family & I

We are a 3-piece Northern family (Mum, Dad and Little One) who are muddling through life, trying to figure out this parenting marlarky as first timers!

By day, I teach primary school children (when I’m not on maternity leave!) which I absolutely love. By night, I blog and eat chocolate! All whilst juggling the challenges of parenting.

About the Blog

The blog was born as somewhere to post memories but soon became something more when I discovered the world of blogging! Now, I post not only about my parenting experiences (including mishaps!) but tips and advice I’ve learnt along the way and reviews of products we love.

And are you wondering about the name? This came from the many people who told me I’d have no life and I would be “just Mum”. However, I completely disagree! I like to think that I’ve just added a new title to my belt – wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher…and then I became Mum.

Working with Us

I’m more than happy to discuss opportunities for work and ask that you email us at tee@thenibecamemum.com¬†with any details or use the contact form below. This includes sponsorship, advertising, Ambassadorship and reviews.

Previously, we have reviewed products for: