Weekly Round Up: Self-hosted and Christmas pottery

by thenibecamemum

So those who follow my blog will have noticed I’ve been quiet on the blogging-front. The reason…we went self-hosted! Yay! I have been spending my days looking into hosts, transferring everything across and creating a temporary layout. I’ll be updating the look a bit later.

Other than the site, here’s what we’ve been upto in the last week…

We chose out winner of the £25 giveaway so well done to Clair D who won. Since then, we’ve been working on the next giveaway which is scheduled for next week. Watch out for this!

img_6484On Wednesday, it was Smudgey Dog’s first birthday (my Parent’s Cocker Spaniel) so we went to the pet shop to buy him some gifts. As it was Little One’s first visit, I was quite excited. That excitement was short lived though as we realised that he is scared of everything! First, he wasn’t too keen on looking at the bunnies and clung onto Dad for dear life. img_6486Then, we introduced him to some rats…that ended in tears. Finally, whilst getting served, we noticed a teeny, tiny puppy. Great! Everybody loves puppies…wrong! As we got to the till, the owner of the puppy brought it closer and it happened to lick Little One gently on the face to which Little One burst out crying! It’s worth pointing that he is not phased by Smudge or my sister’s Labrador so who even knows why a puppy scared him?! Turns out he’s a fan of fish though!img_6485

Afterwards, we went to my Parent’s house to give Smudge his gifts. We had chosen a biscuit which you could decorate yourself, a toy and some dog beer. Yes, you heard right. Dog beer!

On Wednesday, we went to a lovely little place out of town called The Pottery Loft. I cannot recommend this place enough! As the name suggests, it is somewhere to go to paint pottery so we went to make some Christmas items with a friend and her little boy of the same age.

img_6528When you go into the workshop, you are met with hundreds of different types of pottery that you can choose from; mugs, plates, plaques, ornaments, ceramic letters, etc. They also had plenty of Christmas pottery too so we chose a bauble and a plate. You take these back to your seat along with any paint you would like to use. There are plenty of ideas on the walls to help you decide on your design.

img_6531As our Littlies are only 5 months old, staff asked if we would like any help which we accepted. I could not sing their praises enough. They were brilliant with the babies and managed to get perfect hand and footprints that I know I wouldn’t have been able to achieve myself! For an extra cost, they will also add any writing and details which I chose to do as I didn’t want to ruin the pottery.

As well as the pottery, the workshop also has a little soft play area for Under 5’s and a cafe serving hot food.

img_6533Our items are due to be picked up 2 weeks from our visit and I’m so excited to see the final product. It’s such a great idea or keepsakes. I plan on going back as I have my eye on a teapot, mug, hand and foot cast…and everything else!

The rest of the week has been filled with Christmas shopping (that’s for another post), being an apprentice for Hubby who has been doing DIY and as I mentioned, getting the website up and running. Exciting times!

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– Tee ????



mummydummy34 27th November 2016 - 9:10 pm

Well done on going self-hosted! You’re doing ever so well xx

thenibecamemum 27th November 2016 - 9:44 pm

Aww thank you! x


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