Quick and Simple Fingerprint Tree Decorations

by thenibecamemum

Our Christmas tradition is to add a new decoration to our tree every year. This year, with going back to work, I was Last Minute Minnie and found myself dashing around supermarkets looking for something “special” to add to the tree.  This, however, was unsuccessful. Then I came across these cute, little wooden decorations from The Range.

Wooden decorations

I decided to try my hand at being a Pinterest Mum (spoiler: I’m not very good at it!) and create our own fingerprint tree decorations.

These fingerprint tree decorations are so simple and only require a small selection of colours:

Paint palette

Use only a thin layer of paint and print it onto each of your decorations like so:

fingerprint tree decoration

Clockwise from top: Santa, reindeers, robin, holly, robins, reindeer Centre: Snowman

Allow the decorations to dry before applying any detail.

The Designs

For the robins, print a second, red fingerprint over the first. I used gel pens to add intricate detail.

Robin fingerprint

For the reindeers, allow time to dry before adding the second print. I have used different mediums (marker pen, gel pen, paint) on each of these to show a variety of ways to add detail.

Reindeer fingerprint

Unlike the reindeers, you can apply both prints at the same time for the snowmen.  Again, once they are dry you can add detail (my second snowman appears to have lost his nose!)

Snowman fingerprint

The final one is Santa. This decoration isn’t as obvious that it is a finger print, like the others, but I love it anyway!

Santa fingerprint

What have you created this Christmas? Share it in the comments!


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Ruth Kromkamp 6th March 2018 - 1:56 pm

What a brilliant idea!


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