Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Alfie’s Story

by thenibecamemum

Recently, I was asked if I wanted to take part in a campaign to raise awareness of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Alfie’s Story. Having heard great things about it, I was more than happy to help!

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is based in Liverpool and treats around 275,000 children every year. Since October 2013, an amazing £22M has been raised through donations. This allows Alder Hey to offer a range of life-saving medical equipment which are making a difference to families. Without further donations, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital would not be able to continue their work.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital

As well as treating patients, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital also provides vital research, through its dedicated ‘research, innovation and education’ centre, to try to develop better, safer medicines and treatments.

One of the children that Alder Hey Children’s hospital is helping is Alfie, who suffers from severe asthma. This is Alfie’s story:

Alfie's story

Alfie’s Story

Alfred, who is ten years old, has been living with severe asthma since birth. Recently, he has begun a research study at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital to look at ways to help the condition.

Alfred’s treatment includes permanent steroids, the highest level of seretide, and taking both montelukast and theophylline tablets. This is in addition to the injections which are given as part of the study. There are many triggers that set off his asthma, including all pets and grass being cut. He often finds his chest is tight at night.

In addition to the severe asthma, Alfred is also on the autistic spectrum and suffers from esophagitis -­ a reflux condition which means he’s on even more tablets and is also tube fed.

Alfred is a chatty and clever young man who loves reading and dinosaurs!


Working in education, I have taught many children who are asthma sufferers and I have seen the impact that this can have on those children’s life. Did you know that on average there are three children with asthma in every classroom? Any research that can be done to potentially improve the lives of asthma sufferers can only be a good thing.

Find out more about Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

To donate to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital or to find out more about the work they do, visit their website.

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