I’m not crazy…I’m just a Mum.

by thenibecamemum

After finding myself apologising to a teddy for it being left on the floor, I momentarily questioned my sanity. The more I got thinking about it, the more I realised that since becoming a parent I often did things that would be perceived as abnormal behaviour had I done it pre-baby. Behaviour that might gain me some queer looks in public, or even bring on the men in white coats, suddenly becomes acceptable. I decided to devise a list of all the absurd things that we get away with as parents. And to make myself feel a little more normal, I also asked fellow bloggers to share theirs! So here we go, 29 weird things we do as parents:

  1. Making airplane noises every time we hold a utensil because we all know our child would rather eat an airplane!
  2. Having conversations with our babies knowing fine well they aren’t going to respond. “What did you do at Nana’s today?” *blank stare from child* “Ooooh, did you really?!” *continued blank stare from child*
  3. Using saliva to clean our children’s faces, even though we know it’s wrong on all levels.
  4. Having conversations with inanimate objects and waving goodbye when we put them away. After all, we don’t want to hurt their feelings!
  5. Turning your life into a musical and singing about everything you do. Even better if there’s already a song for it  – “Shake it like a Polaroid picture!”
  6. Dancing around like a parent possessed. The wilder, the better. And if there’s a mirror…day made!
  7. Blaming the furniture for your children hurting themselves – “Oh that naughty table!”
  8. Using clothing as a substitute for tissues – snot galore!
  9. Saying silly words in adult company such as ‘nee naw’ when you should say ambulance because you’re talking to Brian and Brian is 40. (Thanks Nic for this one!)
  10. Eating invisible food and complimenting your child on how delicious it was. British Bake-off here we come!Baby chef
  11. Playing Peekaboo on your own as they’ve got bored and buggered off. (Thanks again, Nic)
  12. Getting super excited when there’s an episode of In the Night Garden that you haven’t seen.
  13. Teaching our toddlers how to use pens..we all know that’s asking for trouble! Goodbye beautifully painted walls!
  14. Following an animals name with the sound they make – “Lion…Roooooar!”
  15. Discussing the colour and consistency of poo, over dinner, like it’s world class news (Laura at www.fivelittledoves.com)
  16. Rocking from side to side in public places with no baby in my arms! (Lauren at ‪www.sophiesnursery.com)‬
  17. The white lies we tell… “No, mummy isn’t eating chocolate, it’s special medicine” (Naomi at www.mebecomingmum.co.uk)‬Chocolate
  18. Picking your child’s nose. I hope I’m not the only one who admits to this. (Samantha at www.porridgeandparenting.com)‬
  19. The excited and animated pointing out of any emergency vehicle that’s passing! (Wendy at ‪www.daisiesandpie.co.uk)‬
  20. Referring to yourself permanently in the third person whilst giving a running commentary on what you’re doing. “Mummy’s just going to have a wee and then she’ll put the washing on.” (Hayley at ‪devonmama.com)
  21. Shouting “doggy!” when you see one – even if the kids aren’t with you! (Eva at ‪www.captainbobcat.com)‬
  22. Clapping and cheering when they’ve pooed in the potty/toilet! (Jo at ‪PickleandPoppet.uk)
  23. Talking to yourself in the car because you forget there’s no child in the back of the car for once.‪ (Sarah at www.digitalmotherhood.com)‬
  24. Sniffing your child’s bottom in public. (Sarah at www.lovinglifewithlittleones.com)Yuck
  25. Constantly cancelling every meeting and play date as one of the snotty things are ill again! I think I’d have no friends left if this was pre-kids. (Sarah at www.runjumpscrap.com‬)
  26. Singing in public, such as in the supermarket. Or humming loudly all the time as it used to soothe my daughter. (Katy at ‪www.katykicker.com‬)
  27. Calling your husband ‘Daddy’ (Tina at ‪mothergeek.co.uk)‬
  28. Pointing out tractors or diggers on journeys. Even when the kid isn’t with me…! (Sarah at ‪www.mumzilla.co.uk)‬
  29. Saying absurd comments like “Stop licking the dishwasher” and “We don’t eat oxo cubes!” (Claire at ‪www.thehappyweaner.com)‬
How many can you relate to? Do you do anything as a parent that you could not get away with pre-baby? Share it in the comments! 🙂

Also thanks to the following for their contribution:
Nadia at ‪www.scandimummy.com‬, Amy at www.thesmallestofthings.com‬, Victoria at www.mummytimestwo.com‬, Clare at www.emmysmummy.com‬, Kat at confessionworkingmum.com‬, Emma at thecheshirewife.com and Alison at instantmumoftwo.com


MotherGeek 17th April 2017 - 5:40 am

This made me lol at 6am on bank holiday Monday – no mean feat! I can relate to most of these. This morning also brought a new one to the table…. happy dancing at getting to sleep in until 6am on a bank holiday ???? X

thenibecamemum 17th April 2017 - 11:05 am

Haha! I’m glad it made you laugh. I can definitely relate to the happy dance for extra Zzz’s!


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