Babycups – Great for Baby Led Weaning! Review & Giveaway

by thenibecamemum

I have written in the past about our Baby Led Weaning journey and many of the products that we have used during that journey. However recently, we have swapped our usual 360 cup to try out some Babycups.


Babycups are mini open cups which are suitable for aged 0-36 months. Recommended by health experts including dentists, orthodontists and health visitors, the cups are the perfect proportion for your little ones to grasp hold of. The cups are BPA and phthalates free as well as being non-toxic.

How to Use the Babycups

The cup holds 50ml of liquid although it is recommended that you start at 20ml. It is best to give your child the cup when they are sat up straight in a high chair, preferably at mealtimes.


To begin with, you should help to guide the cup to your child’s mouth. Encourage them to use two hands as this keeps the cup sturdy. Once they’ve grasped this, allow them to guide the cup themselves. Your little one should be sipping not sucking.


My Thoughts

I won’t lie, the first two weeks were hard work as the cups became a bit of a novelty for T. At first, he thought it was hilarious pouring the water out.


After that, he decided to add some flavour to his water with an array of food. His favourite was mushroom flavoured water…


Then there’s the general messiness of the cups whilst your little one gets used to them. I would highly recommend practising when you haven’t got anywhere to be as your child will get wet!

After much perseverance, we finally cracked it!



Now T happily uses the cups without a problem and he loves them. He looks proud as punch as he sips away at his water. Although, we have not yet progressed to drinking more than 30ml; this is a work in progress.

From a parental point of view, the cups are so much easier to clean. No more pulling the cup apart to get into the nooks and crannies! They can even be put in the dishwasher or steriliser to be cleaned.

I also like that it is helping to develop his fine motor skills as he practises co-ordinating the cup to his mouth. As well as this, they’re said to be better for oral health than sippy cups which is always a big plus!

  • Easier to clean
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Better for oral health
  • Dishwasher and steriliser safe
  • Be prepared for your little one to get very wet!
  • Takes perseverance to learn the skill

Visit to find out more and purchase your own



Want to win a set of your own Babycups? We have a set to giveaway. To win, complete the Rafflecopter below.

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Katie Skeoch 15th October 2017 - 1:14 pm

They look good, we have just started our weaning journey with my youngest so will keep these in mind!

Margaret GALLAGHER 15th October 2017 - 7:51 pm

They sound PERFECT for Esmay -she struggles with her fine motor skills
Confidence booster for her

Paula Cheadle 15th October 2017 - 9:19 pm

a fantastic idea

Solange 16th October 2017 - 2:06 am

I like that they develop fine motor skills.

Susan B 16th October 2017 - 2:25 pm

II find these rather curious. My mother and grandmother gave us tiny plastic cups because they didn’t have access to the many and varied learner cups and mugs available today. It is good to see a modern version and the measurement marks are certainly helpful.

Kirsteen Mackay 17th October 2017 - 4:40 pm

I like that they look so easy to clean!

Angela Treadway 17th October 2017 - 8:40 pm

I could have done with these when mine were little! X

Sharon Lou Johnson 18th October 2017 - 7:42 am

wow these would be amazing for my twins x

jo liddement 18th October 2017 - 6:56 pm

Great that these cups are easy to clean and perfect size for little hands to grip.

Sadiyya Maryam 18th October 2017 - 9:44 pm

They look great to help little ones develop their motor skills and give then independence.

cheryl hadfield 20th October 2017 - 9:58 am

great idea, and colourful as well

Sue McCarthy 21st October 2017 - 3:30 pm

I like the colours! I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

Sue McCarthy 21st October 2017 - 3:31 pm

I like the colours! I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize for charity, to go to Romania.

iain maciver 21st October 2017 - 5:53 pm

amazing indeed perfect size

laura stewart 21st October 2017 - 6:12 pm

they look great!

Sally Collingwood 22nd October 2017 - 9:29 am

These cups look soft and bendy, good!

Judith Allen 22nd October 2017 - 6:55 pm

Interesting to see, thanks, never occured to me that even the small cup my daughter had wasn’t really the right size for her little hands and mouth. But it makes sense.

john prendergast 22nd October 2017 - 7:43 pm

tthese are a great idea

janine atkin 24th October 2017 - 6:02 pm

i love the size of them

Rachel White 25th October 2017 - 1:22 pm

Love the bright colours. . Great for little learning hands

Leila Benhamida 26th October 2017 - 9:49 am

Love the size and the bright colours. Great for little hands.

karen hill 29th October 2017 - 2:29 pm

i love that they are easier to clean, and Rory is really lagging behind in this skill, i really need to get this done , dont want him being the only one using a sippy cup still x

Helen Stratton 29th October 2017 - 7:57 pm

I have been reading lately about how sippycups are no longer considered ideal, due to rotting small teeth, but I was dubious about giving a large unlidded cup to a small child. These look like a brilliant invention that solves all problems.

Maureen M 30th October 2017 - 12:43 pm

Perfect for the new baby in the family!

Jo Hutchinson 30th October 2017 - 3:40 pm

I love the colours

kimneville1 30th October 2017 - 7:42 pm

These are a perfect size for little ones

Lia Burns 30th October 2017 - 8:01 pm

Wow I’d not seen these before now, they look fantastic. The perfect size

kimneville1 30th October 2017 - 8:59 pm

Perfect size for little hands to hold on

Adrian Bold 30th October 2017 - 9:14 pm

I love the fact that they help develop motor skills. Thanks for the competition.

Tammy Neal 30th October 2017 - 10:46 pm

Love the size xx

Natalie Crossan 30th October 2017 - 10:58 pm

They look like a great size for weaning


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