February Round Up

by thenibecamemum

Because of the blog issues I mentioned in the 8 month baby milestone post, my February Round Up is late again. Maybe one day I’ll manage it on time!

So February has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, experiencing ups and downs throughout the month. I’ve been pretty poor with taking photos this month so despite it being a busy month, I don’t feel that I have enough visuals to share! But anyway, here’s the February round up:

Our February Round Up

One of the obvious downs is my blog being hit which has set me back atleast a week. However, after reinstalling my blog from scratch, it’s now back up and running. I’ll take this whole saga as a learning curve! On the upside, I’ve learnt a lot more about the technical side of my blog which I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Silver linings and all that jazz!

As I am back to work on Monday, we’ve tried to fill the last few weeks with lots of activities. One of those activities was visiting a softplay for the first time. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more – Mummy or T. He was in his element hurling himself over things and I was finally able to relax knowing that he was unlikely to hurt himself on the cushioned play equipment. We enjoyed it so much that we went back a second time and also took a trip to a different soft play too. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos on all three occasions! I did get a video of T causing havoc on one occasion by driving into walls and unsuspecting bypassers though!



Another of our ‘firsts’ was visiting a farm for the very first time. Again, we loved it so much that we ended up visiting twice in the same week so that Hubby could come with us the second time. Whilst there, we were able to feed and pet several of the animals. There was also an opportunity to ride on a tractor.

Tweddle Farm chicken

Tweddle Farm rabbit Tweddle Farm Feeding

Tweddle Farm Tractor

You can read more about our visit in my Tweddle Farm Review post.

Blog Round Up

Due to the blog issues I haven’t managed to post as much as I’d like but here is a round up of some of my top posts for February:

Baby Skincare – My ‘can’t live without’ products – Read about the baby skincare products that we love. All mentioned are suitable for sensitive skin!

Tweddle Farm – North East Days Out – We visited Tweddle Farm in County Durham and what a super day it was! Find out more about it in the post.

Banana Toast – Easy BLW recipe – An easy peasy Baby Led Weaning recipe which has just 3 simple ingredients!

Posts I’ve enjoyed this month

60 Books Every Child Should Read – Looking for books for your children? Laura at laurasummers.co.uk has listed a fab list of children’s books which is worth bookmarking!

The Bloggers’ Bible – Hayley at Devon Mama has put together a comprehensive list of blogger jargon which I wish I had when I started! The A-Z includes many you’ll come across when starting out in the Blogosphere!

My Hyperemesis Baby Loss Story – I have to admit that I did not ever consider the extent to which HG effects women and this story definitely tugged at my heart strings. I just cannot imagine the heartbreak Laura at Little Ladies Big World went through.

Yearly Goals Update

If you read our post on 2017 goals then you will know that I intend to keep track of where I’m at with my goals in each round-up. So here we go…

Blog goals

  • Commit to posting 3 posts per week (Still averaging 2-a week at the moment)
  • Work with 3 brands – complete (This Month we have worked with Bakerdays, Sudocrem and Tweddle Farm)
  • Reach 2k followers on Instagram (currently 1.1k+)
  • Reach 3k followers on Twitter (currently 1.7k+)
  • Gain 500 blog subscribers (currently 260+. Don’t forget to subscribe in the sidebar!)
  • Establish a Facebook page for the blog – complete
  • Feature a guest post on the blog (Not yet!)

I am a little disappointed with how February has gone. With the blog issues, I haven’t given social media the time it needs and it shows! For next month, I need to focus on building up my social media again and trying to be ahead with my posts. As I’m returning to work, I’m expecting my blog to take a bit of a hit in March too but hopefully get back in track once the Easter holidays have arrived (yes, I’m thinking that far ahead!)


What did you get up to in February? Did you accomplish anything you’re excited about? Share in the comments!

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