Messy Me Highchair Cover Review

by thenibecamemum

For those of you who have experience of Baby Led Weaning, you’ll know that one of the negatives (and maybe the only negative – in my opinion) is just how messy it is. It doesn’t matter how controlled you are, you are guaranteed to find a carrot hidden away in the creases of the high chair. Or be left with the smear of sticky fruit juice which has managed to get itself into every nook and cranny. That’s where Messy Me comes in.

Who are Messy Me?

Messy Me was started by a Mum of 3 who found her third child so messy that she set about creating products to simplify cleaning up at meal times. The Messy Me range offers a variety of products from high chair covers to bibs and tunics. Each of the products are manufactured in the UK. They are made from soft, high quality, easy to clean fabric which is sourced from Denmark.

The Messy Me Highchair Cover

I was given the opportunity to review one of Messy Me’s products. I opted to try out the Messy Me highchair cover in the Soft Grey Star design (other designs available).

Messy Me highchair cover

When the highchair cover arrived, I felt quite daunted by it. It was a large, unusually shaped oilcloth with fasteners, and I was unsure about how easy it would be to use. I was relieved to discover that it was so simple to put on and my concerns were unfounded.

There is a hood which goes over the back of the highchair and two sets of flaps with fasteners which attach underneath the seat. It was easy enough to work out without instructions. However, they have instructions online too. The cover was a good fit on the chair and covered all of the seat. My only gripe was that the flaps did not tie very tightly to my chair so they hung down. However, this is me being a tad pernickety, and this did not effect the overall function of the cover.

Messy Me highchair cover

Messy Me highchair cover

Using the Messy Me Highchair Cover

When using the highchair cover, we found that it definitely reduced the amount of cleaning needed. All of T’s mess was contained in the cover. This meant no fishing for food in the creases of the high chair. The cover can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and soapy water. It is also resistant to most stains.

Even better, it’s suitable for the occasional machine wash at 30°C too!

Messy Me highchair cover

Messy Me highchair cover

Other Information

To find out more information about Messy Me products or to purchase your own cover for £29.95 (price correct at the time of publishing) then visit

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