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by thenibecamemum

When Polka Dott kids contacted me to review their teething products, I was delighted. T had been grizzly for a few days and was randomly waking in hysterics through the night. We were fairly convinced it was his teeth.

Lo and behold, whilst waiting for the products to arrive, T popped his first two teeth! We had waited 6 months for these little tinkers, after being convinced he was showing all the signs of teething at 4 months old. Now, at 10 months old, his tootsie pegs finally decided to rear their head. However, T was still frustrated and unhappy.

When the teethers arrived, I could not have been more relieved! After trying numerous different teethers in the past, there were very few that T would sustain interest in. Instead, he took to chewing his fingers, which were now red raw and blistered. I hoped that the Polka Dott kids ones would offer the relief he needed.

First Impression

Polka dott kids teething toys

The teething toys arrived in cute, cotton drawstring bags, which is useful for popping into your changing bag, and included a note on how to look after them. I made the mistake of taking the teething toys out of the bag in front of T before I had left them to soak in warm soapy water. T, after waving his arms excitedly, was not impressed at having to wait. However, this positive response was promising!

My initial thought about the two teething toys Polka Dott kids had sent was just how beautifully designed they were. Polka Dott kids describe them as having a ‘minimalistic, Scandinavian style’ and we definitely agree.

Polka dott kids teething toys

When giving the teether to T, I have to admit that I had my apprehensions about these sorts of teething toys as I worry about the choking risk. I needn’t have worried though as they are fantastic quality. I even gave them a good tug to ensure there was no risk of breakage and I can safely say they were going nowhere!

Jumbo Twin Teething Toy

Polka Dott jumbo twin

The first teething toy we tried was the Jumbo Twin teething toy which was made from two food grade silicone bead rings and a jumbo beech wooden ring. This made it super easy for T to grasp. T took to the teether immediately and loved chewing on the silicone beads, which had just the right texture; not too hard and not too soft.

As well as having baby friendly silicone beads, the teething toys also use a wood that is a non-toxic, natural hard wood which has been treated with an organic blend of beeswax and coconut oil. They are non-splintering and have anti-bacterial, hardwearing properties, which is reassuring!

The teething toy comes in a vast choice of colours with an option to choose your own colour combination (We were sent a white marble and Parma violet one). Such a perfect idea for baby gifts, especially if you’re looking for gender neutral colours!

Riley Rattle Teething Toy

Polka Dott Riley rattle

The Royal Navy coloured Riley Rattle teething toy was by far T’s favourite. This one included a silicone and wooden bead ring, along with two Beech wooden rings. As we are currently going through a stage of exploring noise, T enjoyed sitting and shaking the rattle whilst shouting at the top of his voice. When he was finished creating a racket, he would have a little chew. Then repeat. I was so impressed with how long he remained interested in it!

As with the jumbo twin teether, it is made from the same silicone and wood as mentioned above, making it safe for your little one’s mouth. It also comes in a variety of colours to choose from, again, perfect for gifts!

Final Thoughts

We loved these teething toys in our household. Not only did they offer the relief T needed against those pesky teeth but he did not tire easily of them so it’s a win:win for us. Plus, cosmetically, they look great!

To buy one of your own or to find out more information about Polka Dott kids, you can visit https://www.polkadottkids.co.uk

Both teething toys are available for £9.99 each. Toys are suitable from 3 months onward.

*Price correct at the time of publishing.

** We received free two teething toys in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Stevie 26th April 2017 - 12:35 pm

Something like this would be ideal for my nephew who is just starting to teeth.

Tee simpson 27th April 2017 - 8:37 pm

These look really good


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