Prestige Christmas Hampers – A luxury gift review

by thenibecamemum

As a teacher, time is extremely precious. When it comes to Christmas, gifts that are quick and simple to pick up but still have the wow factor are a win for me! That’s why I like Prestige Christmas Hampers as it’s all done for me.

Prestige are an online gift service offering gifts to suit all budgets. From sweetie boxes from £9.99 to huge luxury hampers with over £400 worth of goodness, you can tailor them to the person you’re buying for. You can even treat your family pet to a hamper!

Prestige Christmas Hampers

Prestige Christmas Hampers are the perfect, hassle free Christmas gift. Depending on the luxury hamper you choose, it will arrive in a beautiful wicker basket or vintage chest. That in itself is worth the purchase.

Prestige Christmas Hamper

Each hamper is packed with a delightful selection of sweet and savoury products. They have been mixed and matched to offer a good variety of items.

I received the ‘Fabulous Christmas’ Prestige Christmas Hamper which retails at £49.99. It arrived in a gorgeous handmade wicker basket. Inside, it was packed with a selection of 12 goodies from a luxury Christmas pudding to delicious chocolates and jam. One thing I really liked was that the hamper had an assortment of wine to suit everybody’s taste, especially as Hubby is a red wine drinker and I’m more for the Rosé!

Prestige hamper contents

For the savoury lovers, like my husband, there were the most delicious pumpkin seed and cranberry biscuits (yes – I have already helped myself to them!). There was also a drum of natural sea salt crisps.

Prestige hamper contents

Love the sweet things, like me? Then you can enjoy scrumptious treats like Marc de Champagne truffles or a Honey Blond chocolate bar! However, my favourites Belgian Chocolate Caramel Thins. They definitely didn’t last long!

Prestige hamper contents

As well as this, there were two jars of jam and a box of afternoon tea. Perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning!

Prestige hamper contents

The final item in the hamper was a Gold Luxury Christmas Pudding. I was a little disappointed that for a ‘Christmas hamper’ this was the only thing that was Christmas themed. It would have been nice to add a few more Christmas touches to the hamper like Christmas crackers (although some of the other hampers do offer other Christmas items).

The Verdict

I go back to my original point of how much I like the Prestige Christmas Hampers because they are hassle free. I can log on, browse and order from the comfort of my house. Not only this but the hampers look impressive and who doesn’t like to indulge at Christmas?

Visit  and browse the hampers for yourself. Also, there is a sale on right now!

Prices were correct at time of publication.

I received a hamper in return for a honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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