Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Review and Giveaway [Ad]

by thenibecamemum

**Gifted – We received the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop in return for an honest review.

For a while now, T has been obsessing over playing with bubbles in the garden. Each time I’ve explained that it’s far too cold and to wait until the sun was out. Today, he cottoned on to the fact that the sun *was* out and was soon asking for the bubbles. This time, we not only had his usual bubble machine but an exciting new Uncle Bubble Mega Loop to try out making giant bubbles!

Setting up the Uncle Bubble Mega Loop

Setting up is quite straight forward. There are three components that clip together to make the giant bubble wand and the hoop screws into this by tightening the screw caps on either side. We needed to readjust the hoop a couple of times to begin with so it’s best not to fully tighten the screws until you are completely set up and happy with the position.

After making the wand, you then need to blow up the inflatable ring pool which holds the solution. This didn’t take long at all and we were soon ready to create the solution.

The solution was a bit of an issue for us. The instructions in the box explain that you need to create a 1:4 ratio of concentrate to water. However, the bottle says 1:3! By the time I realised this, we had already mixed two-thirds of the solution.

Using the Mega Loop

As mentioned earlier, it took a few attempts to get the hoop in a comfortable position and when we did, it was much easier to navigate. However, we still found that the bubbles worked around 25% of the time with the given the solution. This might have been more to do with how I mixed the solution as we ended up buying an alternative brand’s ready mixed solution and we were able to get it to work much better.

Messy Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Creating giant bubbles

Giant bubbles floating in the sky Dancing Giant bubble in the sky

It was also recommended that you don’t allow the solution to foam. We found this near impossible so it was extremely messy.

Making giant bubbles

Messy Uncle Bubble Mega Loop inflatable ring

When it did work, it was quite impressive and T loved standing in the middle of the ring or chasing the bubbles around the garden. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to replicate some of the ideas from the video as T was insistent on popping any bubbles before we had a chance!


We have one Uncle Bubble Mega Loop to giveaway (RRP £29.99). Perfect for those summery days in the garden!

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