Xtava Hair Straighteners Review and Giveaway

by thenibecamemum

If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s my hair straighteners! My hair has a mind of its own….I mean REALLY has a mind of its own. I could compare it to a poodle but even a poodle has more control over it’s mane! However, I do often worry about the amount of damage I am doing to my hair with my regular use of hair straighteners. On hearing that the Xtava hair straighteners have infrared heat technology to lessen damage to hair cuticles, I was willing to give these a go.

My first impression of the product was how well it was presented. Despite only costing £29.99 (correct at time of publishing), the Xtava hair straighteners were well packaged in a slick black box. This made the product look much more expensive than it’s £30 price tag.

Xtava hair straighteners

It also came with a heat resistant travel bag which was a nice little extra.

Xtava hair straighteners

The Xtava hair straighteners themselves were straight forward to use. There are three buttons – on/off, increase temperature, decrease temperature – you can’t go wrong. Within your instructions there are recommended temperatures (between 130°C and 230°C) for thin, medium and thick/coarse hair, this was extremely handy as a starting point.

Xtava hair straighteners buttons

With an extra-wide, 5-cm bottom floating plate, the straighteners can cover more hair at one time. Plus it has upper Dual-Plate technology which maintains even heat.

Xtava hair straighteners

Using the Xtava Hair Straighteners

When it came to using the Xtava hair straighteners, I set it to 190°C as recommended for medium hair. A small screen on the front allowed me to see how the temperature increased and I was impressed by just how quickly it heated up. I found the straighteners to be really comfortable to handle with its 360° swivel cord. And they felt light, despite their size.

One issue I had is that the recommended 190°C did not fully straighten my hair and I had to increase it to 200°C. Once at 200°C, I still had to go over my hair 2-3 to get the same finish as my current straighteners. Although the straighteners are said to have infrared heat technology, I would still be concerned about applying such high heat to my hair in a regular basis. However, once I’d managed to get my hair straight, it did stay straight for the full day!

Xtava hair straighteners before

Xtava hair straighteners after

Another positive for the Xtava hair straighteners is they have an auto-shutoff function which is reassuring as I have been known to forget about my straighteners from time to time!

Suitable for all hair types with its temperature options
Infrared heat technology to protect hair cuticles
Heat up super quick
Lasted all day

More suitable to less frequent users as heat is quite high

We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a set of Xtava hair straighteners. All you have to do is complete Gleam, below!

Win the xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener #6

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