Home Learning with a Three-Year-Old

by thenibecamemum

Although I am a teacher, I am not EYFS trained so like most parents, I am just making this up as I go along! Winging it, shall we say? I thought that over the coming weeks I would share what I have got up to at home with my three-year-old. I’ll call it “Home Learning” but I use this term very loosely!

Below, I’ve outlined my rationale for the home learning and links to our home learning weeks so far (but keep checking back for more!).


It is important for T to have structure. Not only will it make our day run smoother, but I hope that it will make the transition from Nursery to Reception a little easier. Particularly as he’s missing out on vital months at Nursery.

Our day always starts with a visual timetable. Mine is an editable version available on Twinkl. I edited it to include words that I’d heard T use from his nursery day. I also kept some of our general home activities such as his movie time (my time to escape and do “mummy jobs”) and outdoor activities.

Visual timetable

A Typical Day

Every week, we choose a new book. This helps to form our theme for that week i.e. jungle, under the sea, etc. Each morning we do “PE”. This is usually Cosmic Yoga, or another random YouTube video. I also try to squeeze in a number and phonics activity. Sometimes this is an activity I have set. Other times this is via the Reading Eggs and Maths Seed website, which we are members of for around £7 a month (not an ad!). Also, I’ve tried to include a daily outside activity, such as garden time, going for a walk or riding his bike. Plus, other fun activities linked to the book.

Small child holding caterpillar

At the end of every day, we have story time. T never fails to remind me that “toys are not allowed on the carpet!”. Our movie time (or YouTube Kids) follows this.

Previous home learning activities

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