The Day My Bubble Popped

by thenibecamemum

The day my bubble popped.

Lately, I’ve been rubbish at posting here. It’s been a mixture of life getting in the way and apprehension. Apprehension because the real world stumbled across my blog.

When I started this blog I never used my real name. You’ll notice that I always blog and comment as ‘Tee’, which is what my husband calls me, but my real name is Nadine. I also never really exposed much about my life other than that I’m a teacher, I’m from up North and I have a little boy who I call Little One (although the eagle-eyed might have noticed I do call him by his actual name at times!). The reason for this is that I never wanted people I know outside of the internet to discover my blog. I made sure that those who knew I had a blog – my parents, sister, husband and one friend – did not follow me on Social Media (they didn’t/don’t even know my usernames).

Then Instagram went and popped my bubble!

Early last week I was scouring my new followers on Instagram when I noticed a familiar name. Surely not? I hadn’t even used my details! But my eyes weren’t deceiving me, a friend had found me. On investigation, Instagram had recommended my page to her. After that, several others that I knew began following and my sister text to say it appeared on hers – she doesn’t even live up North!

So why am I bothered?

Bubble poppedMy first concern was how people I know would react to my blog. I worried that people would be negative or would be thinking, “Who does she think she is?!”. I also find it extremely cringeworthy, I really have no idea why though!

My second, bigger concern was my job. Despite being extremely careful with my writing and how people might perceive me, I still worry. Being discrete had alleviated that worry.

So what now?

My bubble has been popped and there is nothing I can do about it.

Surprisingly, those who read my blog had some really nice comments which has been a huge lift for me. I still cringe at the thought of them reading it but I’m beginning to care less that they have access to it.

As for my job, I can hand on heart can say that there isn’t a single post that I wouldn’t want my employer to see. I am extremely careful with what I share and that’s how it will remain. I have also noticed that there are lots of teachers who blog, which definitely helps with my worries.

I’m not ready to give up blogging just yet.

img_0199No, I’m not going to start telling every Tom, Di Dan and Harry about my blog but I’m okay with people reading and sharing it. And yes, I will still cringe at the thought. But, I absolutely love blogging so it’s a small price to pay. From now on, I’ll care less about being discovered and get back to enjoying it!

So, if I know you outside of the internet Hi! 

– Tee ????


Betsy at Parenting is Funny 5th December 2016 - 3:04 am

I miss the like button. :/

thenibecamemum 5th December 2016 - 7:43 am

It’s only temporary until I find/buy a new template. It wasn’t sitting right on the slider so I had to remove it for now ????

Nic 29th January 2017 - 8:27 pm

I love reading your blog!

Hi haha

thenibecamemum 1st February 2017 - 4:17 pm

Haha! Hi…PS. Your comments are going into Spam.


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